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Print your ideas – and be gentle to the environment

For Finns, who are ‘forest people’, wood and paper are concrete objects and values. By improving our production methods so that we can preserve the environment better we hope to be able to pass on our natural cultural heritage to future generations.

 Certification to various environmental standards determines the production chain and use of materials. By carefully selecting the papers and colours used in our printing house, we can reduce our ecological footprint. Regular training of our staff in the ever stricter related criteria strives toward the same goal. With our long experience, we have been able to cut back on scrap printouts, our use of solvents, and recycle everything possible – to reduce the burden on the environment. Contrary to popular belief, environmental certificates do not have to mean extra costs for the customer.

 We have had the right to use the Nordic Swan eco-label ever since 1993. In 2007, our entire production process was certified as meeting the strict criteria for the eco-label. Then, in 2009, we also received FSC and PEFC certificates. For us, work for the environment is not a whim or ‘greenwashing’ but part of everyday life.

ymparistomerkki_2015_sma.jpg The Swan eco-label
The Swan is the official Nordic eco-label. It demonstrates that the printing house considers the environment in its operations and meets strict environmental requirements, which are reviewed every three to five years. At the printing house, the requirements cover paper, chemicals, and the entire printing process. The Swan eco-label also takes recycling into account, in production and of the finished product.
FSC_2012.jpg FSC-CO18782 
FSC is an independent international nonprofit organisation established to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management. Thus it also promotes social and economic well-being in local communities. An FSC label on a printed product guarantees that the raw material of the paper originates from forests that are managed according to the requirements for the certificate.
PEFC_2012.jpg PEFC/02-31-146 
PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system, as measured by forest area. Its requirements for good forest management are based on international principles and objectives of sustainable forestry, approved jointly by a number of countries. Approximately 95% of Finnish production forests are certified in accordance with the PEFC system. PEFC-certified paper is the fruit of sustainable forest management and responsible production of the raw material for printed products.