Kirjapaino Markprint Oy

A full range of services: hybrid, offset, digital printing, prepress services.

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From good ideas to outstanding results

Printing house Kirjapaino Markprint was established in 1985. Our guiding principle was and still is to carry out unique printing jobs to a high standard in an environmentally friendly manner at an affordable cost.

 Quality is born of strong vision and uncompromising work. Right from the start, Markprint has invested in the industry’s developing technology. The possibilities introduced by the equipment have been fully utilised through the development of new methods and in-house personnel training.

Every idea is valuable and should be treated accordingly. Turning a customer’s mental picture into a printed product has always meant pleasant collaboration for us.

Attitude and vision

Over the years, Markprint has received several printing industry awards. They have reinforced our confidence in our vision. Even today, our work is governed by the attitude that each printing job is unique and could bring us a reward, whether a prize or simply appreciation of a job well done.

 We combine aesthetics and professionalism, for the benefit of our customers.